Our mission is to play music to recharge your soul!  Coming together with a common goal to perform music that uplifts and inspires, Ditto has created its own brand of acoustic pop rock folk jazz fusion that touches people’s heart and soul. Rising from the ashes like the phoenix has been motivation for both Cyndy and Michelle. Their life experiences have fine-tuned their mission of creating and performing songs of courage, hope, strength, universal love and understanding

Their stories speak to everyone. You’ll hear a variety of themes that address a full spectrum of emotions… joy, pain, strength, frustration, clarity, turmoil, love, inner peace and more…

In "Is it safe for me?" they sing about trust and the fear of commitment:

"Counting on a golden ray, where the sun meets the darkened day, but is it safe for me?
Passion through a heart of pain, bringing life to the falling rain, but is it safe for me?"

They reach out with a global plea for love, understanding and connection with everyone and every living being in World Reunion:

"It’s time for a world reunion, the perfect time for a world reunion. If we cry alone who’ll wipe our tears, if we try alone who’ll make light of our fears as we hope and we pray for a world reunion. "

They speak out for our generous and loving Earth Mother in Tomorrow’s Treasure:

"We breathe the breath of nature, take our life blood from the ground, and we swim into the ocean as the world keeps going around. If we keep playing this dangerous game and things remain the same, we can watch tomorrow’s treasure fade away."

They embrace change and transformation in New Ways to love:

"Then I realize that it’s a new day with new sights, new dreams, new lessons, new words, new thoughts, new times, new questions, new voices, new sounds, new joys, new feelings, new passions, new fears, new doubts, new healings, new people and new ways to love."

They sing of a power far greater than we can imagine in Commit to Something:

"Evidence shows there’s a path of higher existence, no solid proof, just a fool-hearted resistance, to believing in only this place and time…We’ve got knowledge without reason. Maybe it’s intuition, or just a sign of devotion, to whatever it is that fuels our emotions."

There is a common denominator in their message: we are all connected. We are all walking parallel paths that eventually converge. One by one we can find the love and peace we all deserve from ourselves and from each other… and have fun along the way!

"When you’re feeling kind of low, remember troubles they seem to come and go, and when you need faith, when you need hope, when you need joy, when you need to cope and when you need love, you can call on me"